COVID FAQ's (Newcastle Village Minor Hockey Association)


COVID Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated September 10, 2020

With so many changes to ensure our players and members safety through this pandemic - we know there are a lot of questions. Please review below. If you do not find the answer to your question - there is a form you can fill out at the bottom of the page to submit your question to the Executive. We will do our best to respond to you with what we know.

As we are provided more information, this page will be updated.

What are the Ontario Hockey Federation Stages? 

  • not to be confused with Government of Ontario Phases
  • OHF Stage 3A (until Aug 31) - option for private skills instruction (where available)
    OHF Stage 3B (Sept 1-tbd) - start 3on3, 4on4 game play within bubbles and health unit
  • OHF Stage 3C (tbd) - continue with 3on3,4on4, same bubble structure
  • OHF Stage 3D (tbd) - able to go outside of health unit, 5on5 option
  • OHF Stage 3E (tbd) -able to go to expanded integrated health network
  • OHF Stage 4(tbd) - tournaments allowed, regular game play

What type of game structure is it?

  • Game format will be 4on4, with guidelines of when to go 3on3(in event of absent players).  U11(Atom) and below will be following pathways program.  Game format will be reevaluated once we hit Stage 4.   (updated)
  • Referees will be used, and score kept
  • Game time structure based on a 50-minute ice slot • 5 min warm up • 2 x 22 min period run time • 1 min intermission between 1st and 2nd period
  • The half ice guidelines will continue to be followed for U11 below, for more info click HERE

Who will my child play with?

  • They will play with similar skilled kids on a team of 9 players/1 goalie, in a bubble of 5 teams (where possible)
  • Partnership for the Bubbles has been confirmed.  We will be partnering with Orono Leafs (for divisions U8-U18), and Durham Crusaders (for divisions U11-U18).  (updated)

Why are we bubbling with Durham and Orono?   (new)

  • Guidelines stated we have to stay within our Public Health Unit
  • We are all smaller centers, and could not bubbles with only ourselves.  We needed each other to make the bubbles a bit more exciting with variety for the kids

Where will my games be played?  (new)

  • Orono games are played in Orono, and Durham games are played in Oshawa and Whitby.  You can expect to have ~1-2 away games / month


Why are we not bubbling with Clarington Thunder?   (new)
  • Clarington Thunder are a large Association, and have enough volume to have variety for the bubbles 

Can I request to be on a friends team?

  • No, due to the volume of requests, along with the tiering of skill level and bubbling complexities, we will be unable to accommodate requests at this time.  (Siblings excluded)

Will there still be practices offered?

  • Yes, static practice times will be provided to the teams.  Focus will be skill development

Will there be Rep Tryouts?

  • No tryouts at this point.

If my child played AA or AAA in another center last yr, can we stay or have to come back?

  • They have the choice to stay where they played 19-20 season, or return to home center(Newcastle)
  • If they chose to stay with 19-20 Association, they just need to register directly with them.  No need for a release from Newcastle

I just moved to Newcastle, can I register?

  • Yes, check out our registration page

I don’t live in Newcastle, but want to register, what do I do?

  • If you played with Newcastle last yr, you can register
  • If you played somewhere else, and have not moved to Newcastle, you cannot register as no new moves are allowed 

My Coach certification is about to expire, what do I do?

  • OMHA will be providing more info on this. To be confirmed. For updates click HERE

What type of safety protocols will be in place?

  • Associations are required to follow Hockey Canada's Safety guidelines, for more info click HERE
Will there be spectators?
  • As of Aug 26, the Municipality is now allowing 1 spectator/child into the arena.  This will continue to evolve and we will update when available.
Has your refund policy adapted for possibilities with COVID-19?
  • Yes, please review our full temporary refund policy for the 2020/2021 season here. 

Didn't find your answer here? 

Click here to submit your question.  You will receive a response and it may be posted here to benefit other members. Thanks for your patience while we all work together to make the 2020-2021 hockey season happen.

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