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2023-2024 U11 Rep | Nov 20, 2023 | Tucker "Top Shelf" McCallister | 334 views
How the Stars Aligned: Triumph at the Welland Little NHL
Lace up your skates, slapshot savants, we're zooming into the zesty narrative of this weekend's electrifying tournament win in Welland!


Over a whirlwind weekend in Welland, Ontario, the Newcastle Stars U11 Rep team carved their name in the frosty annals of the Welland Little NHL Tournament. From the opening puck drop on Friday, Nov 17th, to the final horn on Sunday, Nov 19th, the Stars blazed a trail of icy conquest across the rink. With each game, the Stars upped their game, culminating in a climactic finals showdown that left fans breathless. Here's the scoop on how the Stars twinkled, shone, and outright dazzled their way to a triumphant weekend of hockey heroics.


🏒 Game 1: Newcastle Stars vs Upper York Admirals - Nov 17th, Gale Centre Arena, 10:15 AM

The Newcastle Stars hit the ice against the Upper York Admirals, and oh boy, did they bring the thunder! The Admirals caught themselves a quick trip to the sin bin for some naughty stick work. Greyson Rutherford, transforming into the beauty that is "GreyGreyRutz", squashed a breakaway and ripped a howitzer from the blue line into the twine notching the Stars first tally of the night.

As the clock ticked down in the first frame, Carter Hutchison and Lou Civello lit the lamp in rapid succession, with Civello’s biscuit in the basket courtesy of a snazzy setup by Coulson Tello and Bruin Watson.

Come Period 2, Archer 'Scotty 2 Hotty' Scott turned up the heat, skating as if his blades were fueled by rockets! Gage 'Kinger' King, reigning supreme on the ice, bagged a brace of beauties, one going rogue and the other off a saucy dish from Grayson Malloy. The goal parade kept rolling with Coulson Tello, Greyson Rutherford, and Eastyn Bacon, whipped in a shorthanded dazzler that left the crowd roaring.

By the time Period 3 rolled around, Gage King was in full hat-trick 🎩 hero mode, while Bruin Watson and Ethan 'Leersy Big' Leerschool added sizzlers to the scoreboard; Ethan proving that big plays come in 'Leersy' packages. Archer Scott, Greyson Rutherford, and Owen Tomlinson were the standouts, shining bright like diamonds in a snowstorm.


🏒 Game 2: Newcastle Stars vs Welland Tigers - Nov 17th, Gale Centre Arena, 2:25 PM

Game two, and the Stars were back, ready to rumble against the Welland Tigers. Despite a minor hiccup with Owen "Leersy Little" Leerschool earning a quick trip to the penalty box with an not so "Little" but oh so "Leersy" crosscheck, the Stars didn't miss a beat.

Eastyn Bacon, with a deke as greasy as a breakfast skillet, crisped up the opening goal earning him the nickname 'Baconator' – serving goals greasy and hot. Then, as the stanza wound down, 'Clutch Hutch' Hutchison orchestrated the play like a maestro, setting up Gage King for a top-shelf beauty.

In the middle frame, the Tigers managed to sneak one past the goalie, but the Stars stayed cool as ice. Grayson 'Mallow' Malloy, soft on the edges but tough in the center, stood as a defensive dynamo, baffling the opposition while and Hutchison and Colin Wood, squeezing the 'Juice' out of every play, kept the goal light working overtime.

Bruin Watson hammered a final nail in the coffin with a slick goal, assisted by Coulson Tello. Zach Mercier, Carter Hutchison, and Eastyn Bacon were the main men of the match, steering the Stars to a solid 5-1 victory.


🏒 Game 3: Newcastle Stars vs South Simcoe Storm - Nov 17th, Port Colborne Arena, 8:10 AM

For their third showdown, the Stars faced off against the South Simcoe Storm, and what a storm it was! The Stars were like a blur on the ice, a whirlwind of skill and speed.

In the opening act, it was a goal bonanza with Ethan and Owen Leerschool, Coulson Tello, and Colin Wood all finding the back of the net. Their play was like poetry in motion – smooth, slick, and unstoppable.

The second period was more of the same high-octane action, with Archer Scott and Gage King adding their names to the score tally. Colin Wood, not to be left out, added another snipe to his collection.

As the game neared its end, the Stars maintained their cool, skating to a resounding 7-1 triumph. Dustin MacDonald, Ethan Leerschool, and Bruin Watson were the marquee names, each playing a pivotal role in this emphatic victory.


⭐ SEMI-Final: Newcastle Stars vs Upper York Admirals - Nov 17th, 3:58 PM

The puck dropped and the Stars were off like a herd of wild mustangs, owning the ice like it was their backyard. Grayson Malloy was a brick wall in the defensive zone, snuffing out plays like a pro. In a classic 'Zach Attack' mode, Zachary Mercier put on a defensive clinic, stealing the puck like a smooth criminal.

Then, with the clock ticking, Carter Hutchison found the back of the net, with Archer Scott and Carter 'the zookeeper' Lowery, taming the wild play, setting the table like master chefs. The crowd was going bananas – the Stars were on fire!

Period 2, and the Stars were soaring! In the net, Carter Collins transformed into a veritable 'Brick Wall,' thwarting shots left and right with ninja-like agility. Then, Gage King, the sniper supreme, went top-shelf with a beauty of a goal, thanks to a slick pass from Hutchison. But wait, there's more! Colin Wood, in a display of sheer brilliance, hammered home a goal with a little magic from Ethan Leerschool.

The third period was a symphony of Stars' supremacy. Gage King, hungry for more, buried a rebound from Malloy's rocket. Wood, keeping up with the scoring parade, rips it top-shelf, after Leerschool lays down a greasy, sweet feed.

The Admirals sneaked in a goal, but it was like a whisper in a thunderstorm. They tried to rally with a holding penalty, but it was too little, too late. The Stars were playing shutdown defense, with Dustin 'Dusty' MacDonald, stirring up a storm on defense, and Carter Lowery acting like a guardian of the rink. 

In the dying seconds, Colin Wood put the cherry on top with another goal, sealing a 6-1 triumph that had the crowd roaring. The Players of the Game – Colin Wood, Owen Leerschool, Coulson Tello, and Carter Collins – were like the Four Horsemen of Hockey, bringing the apocalypse to the Admirals.


🚀 FINAL: Newcastle Stars vs Welland Tigers - Nov 18th, Jack Ballantyne Memorial Arena, 11:57 AM

The stage was set, the arena was electric, and boy, did the Stars bring the storm! Quick off the draw, Coulson 'The Fortune' Tello, with his lucky touch turning plays into gold, was sharp as a skate blade, whacking in a gritty goal set up by Civello's 'Louuuuuuuuu'-worthy play. The crowd was on their feet, the energy was through the roof – this was what hockey dreams are made of!

The Stars were like a hurricane, with Gage King, Carter Hutchison, and Colin Wood applying pressure like a vice, hemming the Tigers in their zone. It was relentless, it was intense – it was hockey at its finest!

Hang onto your hats! When Bruin hit the box, it wasn't just a penalty, it was a 'Bru-no-no' show, sparking a ruckus and keeping us on our toes. No worries though, because the Stars were firing on all cylinders, with every line clicking like clockwork, keeping the puck on a string.

Known on the ice as 'Big O' for his larger-than-life saves, Tomlinson was a no-fly zone, making pad stacks and poke checks that left shooters shaking their heads. And then, Gage King, the man, the myth, the legend, swooped in like a hawk, snatching a turnover and deking the goalie out of his skates for a jaw-dropping goal. The crowd was losing their minds!

As the third period rolled in, the Tigers managed to sneak one past Tomlinson, but it was like a drop in the ocean. Coulson Tello, the puck-pounding powerhouse, hammers in yet another, with Civello and Scott spinning the assist web.

The final buzzer sounded, and the Newcastle Stars emerged victorious, clinching a 3-1 triumph that will be talked about for ages. Archer Scott, Greyson Malloy, and Coulson Tello were the gladiators of the game, each playing like they had superpowers.

And let's not overlook the heart and hustle of the Tournament MVP – Gage King. He brought his A-game, a real difference maker on the ice for the Stars. It was a team effort though, every player contributing to the success in their own way.

Wrapping it up, the Newcastle Stars' triumph was not just about the players on the ice, but also the masterminds behind the bench. Under the strategic leadership of Head Coach Neil Watson, and supported by an incredible coaching staff, the team showcased what can be achieved with a blend of teamwork and dedication. Coach Watson's insight, combined with the staff's commitment, helped forge a squad that played their hearts out, game after game. They displayed skill, spirit, and sportsmanship – the true pillars of hockey. This tournament in Welland was far more than a series of games; it was a testament to their hard work, a reflection of their growing talent, and a tribute to the coaches who are shaping the future stars of the sport.

So there you have it! The Stars, gliding across the ice, not just chasing a puck, but creating memories and experiences that'll stick with them. They didn't just win a tournament; they grew as a team, strengthened their bonds, and shared moments that'll be cherished long after the final buzzer. Hats off to the Stars for their shining performance in Welland! 🏒🌟✨


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