U7 (Newcastle Village Minor Hockey Association)

U7 Division Mandate for the 2020-2021 Hockey Season

Hockey Canada & Ontario Hockey Federation have established national guidelines to ensure optimal development of hockey players at this crucial introductory stage.

Program Goals

• To have fun while playing hockey and engaging in physical activity.

• To learn the fundamental skills required to play the game of hockey.

• To develop and refine basic motor patterns.

• To be introduced to the concepts of cooperation and fair play. 

Implementation for the 2020/2021 Season

  Playing Surface (REQUIREMENT)

    • All U7 will be played at cross-ice or a maximum size of 100 feet by 60 feet (100x60) for the entire season.


Player Evaluations, Selections (REQUIREMENT)

    • No tiering or evaluations during the off-season phase (previous season, including March through August).
    • Must offer a minimum of four (4) practice/skill sessions prior to formal tiering or evaluations beginning.
    • Must have a minimum of three (3) formal evaluation sessions.


Cross-Ice Game Play Rules

    • 4-on-4 format.
    • 60-minute game length. Two periods with a run-time clock.
    • Timed buzzer or whistle for line changes, shift length not to exceed two minutes.
    • Minimum of one official.
    • No score, standings or stats are kept.
    • Blue or black puck used.
    • Net size – 3x4 or 4x6.


Fair and Equal Ice Time

    • All players and goaltenders should receive fair and as close to equal as possible ice time.
    • Positional Rotation:
      1. All players play all positions (RECOMMENDATION)
    • Goaltender Rotation:
      1. No full-time goaltenders. (RECOMMENDATION)
      2. All players have the option to play goal at least once. (RECOMMENDATION)



    • There are no playoffs in U7.


Seasonal Structure (REQUIREMENT)  (Covid Guidelines can impact # of games, practices for 20-21 season)

    • Preparation Phase
      1. See Player Evaluations/Tryouts above.
    • Development Phase (up to 12 weeks)
      1. Teams must have a period of development time following tryouts prior to the start of the regular season.
    • Development and Regular Season Phase (Up to 14 weeks)
      1. Recommended maximum of 25 games per year (includes exhibition, league, tournaments and jamborees) (RECOMMENDED)
      2. Seasonal Breaks – season should allow for two seasonal breaks of a minimum of five days without a scheduled game or mandatory practice. (RECOMMENDED)
    • Tournament are Jamboree Format
      1. Jamboree engages players in a fun environment. Games may or may not be competitive and the emphasis is on fun and fair play, no standings are kept.
    • Offseason Phase (end of season to August)


The full Player Pathways details and documents for U7 can be found here. https://www.ohf.on.ca/players/player-pathways/u7-player-pathway

Last updated: April 13, 2020